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A2 - Black Drake Fangs

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So I've been commissioned to retrieve no less than three Black Drake Fangs.


I searched all over the northern islands and found 2 (I was surprised when I took out a group of drakes and they didn't drop them, the ensuing dialogue box specifically noted that I gained nothing from the fight)...


Is it actually possible to find 3?


If so, can the third be found in the Northern Islands or where elsewhere should I look?


If not, which of the three people are recommended to turn it in to?


1. Enla, in the Lair of Motrax.

2. Lith, in Egli.

3. Vincent, in the Tower of Magi.


Enla and Vincent specifically mentioned the Northern Islands, Lith didn't give a recommend location.

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Yeah, I stumbled upon the information (which I couldn't find before) which showed what the specific rewards are for each person.


Vincent in the Mage's Tower gives a tier 3 spell (Shielding), Enla gives reputation and (I think) a strength bracelet- apparently Lith just gives a crappy bracelet, no reputation or spells.

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