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A2 - Fort Haledon

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Okay, I went far to the West in Vahnatai lands, to Fort Haledon, where I meet a bunch of Vahnatai who lead the assault to get a Crystal Soul.


I completed the battle, saved, then went forward.


I went back and they were all gone.


I reloaded and left the way I came, came back, they were gone. I wanted to rest to regain mana so I was heading back the way I came- when I passed over the Fort's camp it gave the message:


"You find where Fort Haledon's troops were camped. It is a sad reminder of the awesome sacrifice they made to help you obtain their people's treasure."




But not even half of the guys I saw in the battle died...


How am I supposed to take this message? I'm really confused and messages that make me feel like I did something wrong fill me with indecision.

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