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final quest and question about item locations and etc (major spoiler)

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Hi all,


I am a newcomer to this forum, though I have been following spiderweb since Avadon 1(hope it is not too late?)


Just several questions:


1) where can you find the shadowwalker boots? I tried to find it to the point my eyeballs are gonna pop out and no avail, and can't find it on the synergies either =(

and how about the charm of insight (+1 int)?

(wanna try to get all the equip)


2) If I attack the raptors, Yoshiria will not join me at the end right? In my last game I burnt all the records for the raptors and then after the corruption core quest I attacked the raptors and looted everything. I didnt bring Yoshiria to the massacre (I dont use her actually) and well, still couldnt get her on my side and she just left for fort defense.


3) what is the point of purchasing funiture for the house(s)? One seller said "one day redbeard will come visit me" heh I thought it's a hint on something.


4) Tawon robe and shadowwalker blade are only available in the final quest -- is it possible to enchant them before the Redbeard fight?


thanx in advance

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1) Shadowwalker boots at sold by a merchant in Troezen. Charm of insight is sold by a different merchant in Troezen.


2) Any attack on the Raptors causes Yoshiria to not join you at the end and causes her death if she survives Fort Foresight.


3) Drains your money and looks nice.


4) No, since you can't get to an enchanted anvil to do anything.


Northern portal is just there to tease you.


Valera in Rockfall Canyon can be killed but you need to find the right dialogue option to get a fight and even then it isn't an easy fight.



Mention that Valera has lost followers



Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Do you have any left after trying to get answers? :)

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