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Final Miranda Fight (spoilers, obvs)

Ceiling Durkheim

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So...I'm near the end of the game. Decided to do torment for my first run-through this time, and it's mostly been tough but doable. That said, I've gotten near the endgame and I'm having some trouble. I'm at the battle with Miranda in the Corruption's Core, and it's gotten to the point of being more frustrating than fun. I can tell that I'm supposed to do something with the blue orbs on the tortured horrors (attacking Miranda's horrors seem to be mostly a recreational activity for those who aren't attacking her). My surmise is that she's only vulnerable to damage from a character with a blue orb from the last horror she respawned. I don't really feel like spending the fruitless battle or three testing this hypothesis, so: is that correct? If not, how does one damage her?

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Scripted fight and I spent a lot of time figuring it out the first time.



You need to have a character within 3 tiles of any one of the 4 core horrors to the south with an orb circling it when it dies. There will be a message about a blue orb transferring. Too far away and the first time you get a message about the orb not finding what it wants.


Now you need that character to move within 4 tiles of Miranda and wait for a message that Miranda's shield is broken. This is the only time Miranda isn't immune to damage.


You now have a few rounds to attack Miranda before the shield goes up and you have to repeat the process. It is possible to do enough damage on torment that you don't have to do it again.


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Really? I wasn't able to kill them even when their health bars were empty. (Or appeared empty.)


What happened when I busted them up was I got a message that said even when chopped up to the point that they shouldn't be able to move anymore, they just kept on moving. (And regenerating.)


Then they basically regenerate some of their health every turn, but otherwise don't do anything. (If you keep their health down, they'll keep wasting turns regenerating.)


When I get to that fight in my second run, I'll see if I can't put them down permanently.

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Yeah, as far as I can tell they're "killable" only in the sense that if you remove all their HP, they cease attacking you and spend several turns recovering their health. Which can be helpful, certainly, but isn't really worth the effort of separating them then doing enough damage to knock them out.

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