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A1 - How Should Balance this Build?

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Okay, so this is the build I plan on playing with:


Warrior/Priest (Pole Weapons)

Warrior/Priest (Pole Weapons




The 2 warriors are, well...just warriors (and priests). I'd like some advice on how I should balance Intelligence, Strength, Endurance, Preist Spells, and combat skills, making them effective at both Combat AND Priestly spells.


The Archer, will be a mix of Priest and thief ability (traps and such). How much tool use should he have though? What's adequate?


I don't need any help with the Mage, I'm confident enough I can set a full blown mage up well.


Oh, and how far into the game will it be, until I can get Divine Fire. That's kind of my plan, towards the mid-game to end, I'd like all my priests to make effective use of this skill.


Any advice on this build would be nice.



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Divine Fire you can get from Dharmon (Malville), TU should be ~15 (and bit more with equipments), archer isn't that good choice since in A1 bows use arrows and there are better things to do than buy arrows frequently.


I would make 1 warrior/priest melee fighter not polefighter since there is only 1 best pole weapon and to kill demons it'd be somewhat good to have char capable to wield demonslayer.

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