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Blades of Exile


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Hehe, that reminds me of the time I sent someone the entire Avernum trilogy including BoA and the editor in zipped packets of 10 MB each. laugh


The install file is what you want, right? I should have it right here still. Give me a minute or so (assuming the mail doesn't bounce of course. wink )


Oh, and are you on Mac or PC?

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The mail bounced. frown Apparently the mail account is out of disk space.


I'm uploading the BoE install file to my webspace.




Edit: Turns out Yahoo doesn't like exe files, but doesn't have anything against zips. So just unzip the zip file to extract the exe file, then run the self extracting exe file, which extracts the Setup file that installs the game. Rather senseless, but that's the only way to do it. :rolleyes:


Oh, and it's out of alloted bandwidth for now because I had to upload it about five times. If it doesn't download, try it in another hour or two.

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