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Starting Character and Recruit Stats

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I have been playing N:R again, and I was looking for this information and couldn't find it. So I took these screenshots of the starting characters' stats of both sides, and of the recruitable npcs to in order to maximize the strength of my party.






The best choice for starting characters is four of Edana if you are Celt, and four of Aulus if you are Roman. The extra barter is a great boost.

In case you don't know, when you create a new character, the slot it is created in determines the stats and traits of the character. So for example, if you are a Celt, you can replace Bruce in slot 1 (I recommend it, he is awful) with a second Edana from slot 3 by switching their order using the green and red arrows, deleting Bruce from the use ability menu, and then creating a new character from the file menu. Since it is Edana's slot 3 which is now empty, a new Edana is created. You can repeat this method to create four of a single character.

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You seemed to imply that you can buy 8 levels, which is incorrect.




Default selling rate is 25%. Each point in Barter increases this by 3%, so at 4 levels it is 37%, and at 8 levels it is 49%.

For a 4 character party, the tradeoff for 12% extra Barter is 20 skill points for Celts and 12 points for Romans.

12% on everything sold adds up to far more than 20 skill points in training in my playthroughs.


However a singleton will want to choose Gordon for Celt and Publius for Roman.

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One thing that may help less experienced players is to start the Celt game with the Spirit Ceremony spell. It is just the thing for a party that is in bad shape due to hp loss, poison and disease. Pity it can't be cast in combat.

This idea requires you to have one Druid who has 3 in Druidism and all five of the Spell Circles, it leaves him/her with no points for anything except 4 Intelligence. I have found it useful. An Endurance of 1 is not too troublesome if the Druid stays out of melee.

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The screenshots appear to have disappeared, but I figured I would point this out, from Nethergate Resurrection. I removed all the skills and this is what each Celt character looks like:

  • Bruce has 54 skill points and Woodcraft 3. You can train Woodcraft to level 4 in the starting town (according to other threads I've checked), so this seems a poor balance, and therefore the advice to delete Bruce makes good sense.
  • Gordon has 64 skill points, the most available.
  • Edana has 59 skill points and Barter 2, which is otherwise only trainiable to level 1, ever.
  • Patrick has 60 skill points and no special skills.

You should clearly go with copies of Gordon or Edana for sure, depending on how much Barter you want. Neither Barter nor skill points are purchasable, but training in some skills—which otherwise requires skill points—is purchasable up to certain levels. If you can put off increasing certain skills via skill points, and pay for training instead, Barter may pay off handsomely. In particular, you may be able to train up all of your characters in a broad array of skills due to a surfeit of cash.


So it seems the best route would be to make a party with 4 copies of Edana, put minimal points into First Aid, Herbcraft, Hardiness, and Defense (likely zero!), and purchase those up to max from Bituitus. Same applies to other skills available from trainers, depending on how soon you can get to them (and raise the cash).


FYI, the way to do this in N:R (took some figuring out) is to start a new game, editing Edana only for how you want skills and traits. Then drop all your characters' starting gear and rebuild your party. For each character other than Edana:


  1. Move that character into character slot 3 (Edana's initial slot) using the party-order arrows.
  2. Click the  "Use" button (or press U), then click the button to delete that character (upper right).
  3. Open the main menu by pressing Escape, and click Create New Character. You'll get a new Edana, with Barter 2, and can set up initial skills and traits.
  4. Click the "Use" button and then the buttons (bottom left) to rename and change the graphic for that character.

After you've done that, reorder your party as you like and pick up the gear you dropped. If you forgot to edit Edana before starting the new game, you can of course delete and recreate here at this point too.

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added instructions on creating new characters
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Here is a screengrab showing both NPCs for a Celt party. Their starting equipment is nothing much. There are other temporary NPCs but they leave the party when the party leaves the relevant area.

https://www.freewebs.com/ishadnha/Celt Party NPCs.png

Next up will be the two NPCs for a Roman party.

https://www.freewebs.com/ishadnha/Roman Party NPCs.png

Rhian may be Britannian, but she follows all the rules for Romans because she is in a Roman party.

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