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What's the status of BoE these days?


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I've been pretty inactive from Spiderweb for a while now, but I still have this nostalgia and loyalty to the Exile series. Though I never finished or released anything worth playing, I would love to get back into scenario design at some point.

I think the version I currently have is CBoE; have there been any stable releases (for Windows specifically) since then that I should look into?


(The things I've been wanting most are lifted restrictions on number of special nodes and number of custom graphics, but I'm no programmer and have no idea how difficult those things might be to implement.)


Thank you so much to all you amazing programmer people who continue to work towards keeping this wonderful old game alive! I salute you. :-D

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It's alive, but mostly in the same sense as a vampire... Working on it will drain your lifeblood (and probably your sanity).


Sadly no new scenarios have been released lately, AFAIK. I personally released one very short and very awful beta several months back. I have vague outlines for a couple more (and better) scenarios, but no real intention of following through with them; mostly because the BoE special node system is an incredible pain to work with.


That said, I have horrible amounts of spare time right now, so you might see some progress forthcoming. Maybe.

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(Finally realizes what Sy was referring to in chat.)


You shouldn't need to reseed the RNG every single time it's called. In most applications, you only seed once, at the beginning of the program's run. Depending on the generator used and how frequently numbers are generated, reseeding might cause a performance hit.


(In fact, if you generate two random numbers in the same millisecond, this commit will cause them to be identical. So it should be reverted, unless I'm missing something big in how it's used.)

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Yeah, I asked about moving it over awhile back, since Gcode was canceling Downloads. That, coupled with the fact that that Git is much more powerful and user-friendly (and that nobody besides me had made a commit since 2011 and i like Git more :p) prompted the move.


Gcode was nice and all, and I think the only real issue with moving it was losing stuff in the transition (and moving to begin with). I was able to accomplish that all in an evening, though (including issues), so I dunno though :p


I will update the header.

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