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Walkthrough for Resurrection

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I've been trying to use some of the walk throughs from online to help when I got stuck or to find out if I'd gotten everywhere that one could go in a particular ethnic group walk through. I discovered that everything I have tried seems to be geared to the original Nethergate & I have the Revised version. The result is that things the walk through says are there, are not there or something else is there. Hidden areas are not there (though in one case, it appears I couldn't get into one area for an extended period of attempts because some nonplayer being, a large formian, was probably blocking the door to that area for a while). At least when I banged my feathered head (in protective padded helmet, of course) against walls I never found the alleged hidden area.

I bought the hint book, also. To my complete disgust, it's totally electronic and given my $#%!! new printer the likelihood of printing it out even in part is de minimus. Elector Hint books are a HORRIBLE idea. Switching between them and paper, if you can't print it out, is murder which requires legible handwriting, decent cartographic drawing skills/photographic memory, and is generally driving me up the wall 'cause I don't have those talents. It is descrete....I hate discrete. I like to know eventually that I found all the little hidden spots & discover, ethics permitting, what was in them. Does there exist an Indescrete mapping or place version for the Revised Version?


Sigh. Your Frustrated, Feathered, Football helmet (figured I had to trade in my Batting Helmet for the change of seasons) sporting,


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Odd that you couldn't get a paper version of the hintbook - I ordered a paper one...hmm...within the last couple years and got it just fine.


As Ishad Nha said, between Piercing Sight and the Automap, you should be able locate all the hidden areas. You just see where there are black splotches on the map and use the spell near them. Also, IIRC, there were maybe a couple areas that switched from Roman-exclusive to Celt-exclusive (or vice versa) in the shift from Nethergate to N:R, so you may occasionally run into that as you read the Schrodinger walkthrough, but that shouldn't be a major issue.

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