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G2-Warrior/Agent Build

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I wanted to play a guardian in the 2nd game but wanted to get some blessing magic and access to spellcraft as well. So I had an idea where I could focus on the following skills for success but with an AGENT instead-Strength, Melee, QA, Parry (a bit), leadership, mechanics and luck. With spellcraft I can have a decently good healing craft from spellcraft and pump blessing magic to a decent amount early on giving access to awesome bless spells. This will be like playing a guardian with limited magic to enhance herself. I am not going haywire with parry as a guardian and will focus on luck a bit for armor/resistances.


Im going to be playing on normal in case it matters. Will this build work for an agent if I solo as if I were a guardian?

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Since you can adjust the difficult *at any time*, you might as well start on Normal. You're experimenting, after all. If this build isn't working like you hoped, drop the difficulty. It's no big deal. It's obviously not an optimal build - but you already know that. Is it good enough to complete the game? Probably (though it might not be good enough to clear every zone).

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Slarty said for GF3 that Agents make better Guardians than Guardians. Access to buffing spells especially speed make a big difference.

I'd contend that this is true for G2 too. Yes, parry can be very powerful but so can magic.


Deathknight, G2 is an offensive oriented game. Everyone has relatively low hitpoints and does a lot of damage compared to later spiderweb games. Putting points into luck is a waste of precious skillpoints. Raising spellcraft to get a bit better healing and longer blessing spells isn't a particularly good use of them either.


Anyway, melee agents rock. This is how I do mine usually. It's a breeze on torment :)

STR + END, a bit of INT, no DEX.


Melee + QA ( at least 10 base, with items and rewards you'll get close to 20) + Parry if you want, if you can wait till Medab you can train 2 levels in all of them there. Quite a few skillpoints you can save but might be too annoying for you.


No battle magic, prob no mental magic ( but do use Daze as long as it is useful), get blessing magic up to 5 for steel skin and use armor pots for essence armor (gives more HPs, there are enough to be found/bought ). Forget spellcraft for now.


Nothing in shaping. You want to be able to cast Augmentation (more HPs) but the physicians charm is enough to do so, availvable rather early. Heal and Major Heal are only worth so much, this is not a game where you want to try to outheal your opponents, especially Major Heal is a big investment. For out of combat healing minor heal is the most efficient essence wise anyway.


Don't overdo Leadership and Mechanics please, not like Chessrook did. You will miss those points later. NO POINTS IN LUCK.


There. Now go and abuse speed coupled with high QA and sick high melee damage :cool:

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