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Changing NPC attitude


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For all the great scripting minds out there, or anyone who has any clue about creature scripts. I'm struggling lately with creating a creature script that corresponds with a potion or even a wand for that matter, that can change the attitude of the creature.


Currently I've tried creating a scen state that sets a flag, once the flag is set, I created a call in the creature script to change the attitude.


Everything works, up until the creature script. This is what it looks like:



beginstate INIT_STATE;


if (get_flag(50,1) == 1)




For some reason, START_STATE doesn't recognise the get_flag call. So it wont work in there.

This seems to work in the INIT_STATE, but only before entering a town with that creature. But if I enter a town, and then use the supposed item which changes the flag, it won't have an effect on the creature's attitude until i leave and come back.


Does anyone have a work around? or solution to this matter? perhaps an alternative method? or even a cookie?

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Alright, i'll have to have another look a that. Each time I put a SDF call in the START_STATE it would come up with an error. And if i cut and pasted the exact same thing into the INIT_STATE it would suddenly work.


EDIT: Ok I realise now that in the START_STATE it only recognises get_sdf rather than get_flag. Thanks for that guys.

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