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Avernum 2 finished.

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So after finishing first two parts of avernum i can say that i have changed my mind. I always thought that Avernum 2 is my favourite chapter, but it is not. Avernum 1 was much more funny, and had better story. Also in a2 there is much more quests that are connected with main plot, and i enjoy side quests much more. Battles in a1 have better balance than in a2 where some battles happen too fast (example: demon fights around mage tower portal, where in 1st round whole my team was slain), when i get a quest i should ve able to complete it, while in a2 there is huge time gap between getting some quests and moment when you're strong enough to complete them. And probably much more lesser details that make me enjoy A1 more than A2. Now I'll take a little brake before avernum 3 (which has this "time frames" of destroying towns - this is something i really hate).


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