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Dream Cutscene hangs

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Hey guys, when I go to sleep after retrieving the second important item there is a cutscene describing your dream, however, for me the game hangs there so I can't read it. After the scene ends I can continue playing, but I never can read about the dream. If it works for anyone, could you please tell me what the dream is about? That would be really awesome, thanks.

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The text you seek seems to be hard-coded, written into the Nethergate.exe program itself. I can't find anything in any of the text files.

Resource Hackers are the answer here. They can enable you to read the text found in the program. Google or check out Sourceforge, many of them are freeware.



I found the text after all. There seems to be only one missing screen of text, click on it and it disappears. This seems to be the text:

As you slip off into sleep, the dark dreams return to you.

You are running down the halls of Goagh-Nar, chased by a formless black thing. As it gains on you, you hear the voice:

"We are coming closer. Moment by moment, we are approaching your mind."

"Anything you achieve, we can undo. Anything you obtain, we can take."

"Surrender now, and die in peace. Act once more, and we will devour your soul."

Then the black shape pounces upon you, and you wake up screaming.

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