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To deal with the death curse:


Watch for which altar changes and retreat to it to get cured. The altars change starting with the southwest one and going clockwise. Pay attention to messages during this fight even if you have to use the scroll bar to the right of the messages to go back.



Jeff really got mad during beta testing when the response for this fight was summon a horde of monsters/shades and retreat to let them deal with the Master. That's why you only get two summoned monsters for the whole party.



Summon a monster to engage in melee and have the party retreat to attack at range. I think as long as you are more than 8 tiles from the Master you don't get the death curse. It's easier to replace summoned monsters when they die from the deathcurse.


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I beat him/it from range, gave party all possible buffs and after battle started casted summon monster and then started retreating to north while pummeled MoP from distance, all time in combat mode.

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Well, my mage has managed to survive, but I need to revive the others. Is there a way to get out and get back to a town? I hate to think of trying to fight that battle again. . .



Found my way out. . . whew. . . thanks for the tips. Apparently, though the worst battle in that pit is yet to come. Sigh. .

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