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InstallAvernum1 from Humble Bundle will not run from Snow Leopard OSX

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I just bought the complete set of SpiderWeb games and I can not get Avernum 1-3, The First Trilogy, to install or run. I was not expecting it to work in Mountain Lion OS X, but I thought it should work from Snow Leopard, since I run PPC code from this boot partition. But when I attempt to run the installer it says that it classic environment is no longer supported on this platform. When I did an "info" on the application it says that it is a classic application. So I booted up OS 9 in SheepShaver and it says here that the application needed to run this application was not available. My OS 9 installation is very minimal, but I was not expecting to need OS 9, since I thought this application was PPC.


Everything I have read implies this should run from Rosetta on Snow Leopard.


Can someone tell me if they got the Avernum 1 game to install and run from their Humble Bundle?

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Alorael, Thanks for your response.


This wineskin version looks to be a Demo copy and has DRM. The version I purchased from the HumbleBundle is suppose to be DRM free. For instance, I installed Blades of Avernum and it says it is already registered. If I copy it to another place, it reverts to being Demo. So the registration code is included in the installer in this case. So without the registration codes for The First Avernum Trilogy, I don't think wineskin will work.



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