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Insanity Will Probably Get Me Somewhere, Right? A Geneforge 4 AAR

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Hey guys,

Not sure how many of you remember me, but I've been around here for a while, and lurk a lot. Anyways, I got bored recently, and decided to play through Geneforge 4 as my usual, uber-pro-Shaper Warrior. Always hlarious to do, but gets quite boring after a while. So, I've decided to do an AAR of a new game. Few questions for you guys, before I start.


-Where should my loyalties lie? Shaper, Rebel, Trakovite, or the guy who is just in it for the money and fame?

-What class?


I'll be posting it here and on CivFanatics Center, another forum that I'm active on. I plan to start posting stuff on the 18th, and I'll be playing it as I update, so feel free to shout at me if I ever do something wrong :p




EDIT: I personally want to do a Trakovite playthrough, but I'll do whatever you guys want, and have no idea what to do for the class.

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