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Couldn't find right thread for this


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For one, I like it and would use it, especially in a group of Empire Soldiers.

The original "Empire Archer" looks more like it should be part of a band of Brigands, or someone from Sherwood Forest.

I don't think 'hard', or 'soft' applies to any of the icons. I realize that it takes time and talent to create thes things. Sadly, I only have a lot of the latter.

Hopefully this will show up in a few of the sites that collect such things.

Also, hopefully, you'll create more.

How about the same basic uniform for a Warrior with a single Great Sword, or two Short Swords?

How about a semi-visible Thief with only a Knife?

etc. etc.

Again, thanks for the addition.


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Tinypic likes to recompress things, it's irritating like that.


iirc minus.com doesn't do that rubbish, nor does imgur if it's small enough (it will put on a jpeg extension, but it doesn't do reencoding). barring that, feel free to use my filedrop at files.calref.net if need be.

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