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I have been trapped in a dungeon,need help......

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Hi everyone , I'm a new starter of this game and really enjoy it .

I play as a Roman , and now I just finished my first task. Then I reached the ruined hall , and found a faerie in there.

That faerie told me there are some massages in the dungeon I should take. So I came to the dungeon , finally I found a door with three oval-shaped hole. It says put some stones or anything in could open it , I picked rocks on the floor and came back to that door , but nothing changed. And here comes my question. Do I have to do something with my rocks?What should I put in that hole ? And if I have found something uesfull, what exactly should I do or I just walk to the door?

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There are 3 specific stones found in different places in the Ruined that you need to find called opening stones. Locations from Synergy's Item List:



Opening Stone — OLD STOREROOMS — S in spider web [ROMANS]

SECRET AREA — NE — OLD GOBLIN QUARTERS — north to box with Opening Stone

SECRET AREA — south of pit south of altar room — Opening Stone

SECRET AREA — SW — east from lizards — Opening Stone on body past lava

Opening Stone — S — POOL CHAMBER — in right pool of three



When you have 3 then you will get the option to use them.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Then you will be able to find it since this is the last game Jeff wrote with insane puzzles. :)

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