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How on earth do I defeat these enemies?

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Im getting completely shutdown in Avernum 1. It seems that some monsters in game have multiple attacks and can daze-shutdown my party members with 3-4 attacks per round. My fighters can't get in close to shut them down.


I have a party of 2 fighters (1 fast and 1 tank), 1 priest and 1 mage. Should I be doing anything that I am not? This seems to be the case with all my encounters with enemies with multiple attacks. The undead are particularly ruthless.

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No, it's just some of the tougher undead need a higher level party to fight them. For example in the small islands northwest of Fort Emergence there is a special encounter with undead that would easily kill your party, but a party at twice your level could handle it.


You can handle skeletons and shades, but quickghasts with their extra attacks or vampires that can summon more vampires are above your level

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Do stats that I use help with surviving? I want to make sure I have everything for how my character is being builded.


The first fighter has decent strength of 5, excellent dexterity and some endurance. His favorite skills that he builds up are dexterity, hardiness, melee weapons and assassination. He sometimes places a point in endurance. This character is my damage dealer from high melee and assassination and can still take some hits.


The second fighter is similar but different he places points in dexterity, defense, hardiness and melee weapons. He also has good endurance and somewhat good strength. He is good at acting first and taking the attention on him with hardiness and defense.


The priest and mage are ok in stats as they deal lethal damage and still have some health. Im not too worried about them.


Im only asking as I want to know what types of fighter builds there are that work. Hopefully mine do.

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Were the stats I listed for the fighters subpar or should I just focus on strength, endurance, defense and assassination. I usually focus on dexterity, melee, assassination, some endurance and start the game with 5 strength. I don't usually use strength for damage as much as melee or weapon skills increase to hit and damage. I give one fighter more dexterity and endurance and make him a tank that moves fast, while the other I give more melee weapon skill.

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