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How's my old BoE doing?


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Ooh! I love Skylark Vale. I'd play it. Nikki said he might play scenarios, the code developers (Sylae, Tridash, Harehunter, maybe others) most likely would, and if Trenton can figure out how to click his mouse without me holding his hand (:p) then he might play as well.


It's not nearly as huge an audience as during the BoE heyday unfortunately, but it's still enough players that a new scenario would hopefully be worth it.

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It pains me to inform you that I seem to have…uh…misplaced my work on the matter. Even searching using undeleter programs does no good. Commencing hopeful search of old hard drives and document archives.


EDIT: 1 hard drive down, 2 HD's and 1 document archive to go. Got to wait til we move on those, though, as I've packed them away in anticipation of purchasing our first house.


EDITx2: Fairly upsetting, really. I had a BUNCH of work done on it: Town and Outdoor maps looked nice, characters all accounted for (beds for each human, too!), ready to throw them all into a delicious story. I hope I find it. I'm gonna go unpack those things right now, it's worth knowing if its all on there…

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