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Avernum - Journal

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As avernum hints manual says:

One disadvantage of Avernum 1 is that there is no Info-Catagory "Current Quests" as in Avernum 2 and 3, which lists all uncompleted quests. It is therfore a good idea, when you are given a quest, to make a note of it (who gave it to you and in which town he/she lives). A relatively simple way of doing this is to record the dialogue in your Journal/Notes which can be read with the Read Journal button_journal.gif button. When the task is completed, the record can be deleted. In the course of the game you will also need boats. There are three seperate waters you can/must sail on, so you will need at least three boats. It is a very good idea to keep a note of where you have left them. In this case the Journal cannot be used.

But how an i record dialogues in Journal?

i often play on different computers (sometimes i use PC, work PC, Notebook) and carrying the paper sheet with notes with me is not always possible (and using notepad file under Avernum window is uncomfortable).

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