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under the hood A2 stuff

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I'm trying to figure out some stuff that I don't see actually stated:


does strength affect ranged weapon damage, or is that dexterity?


does divinely touched do anything besides the rather useless skills? I know it did in A3 but it doesn't say anything in 2


the weapon skills and stuff like elite warrior and slith bonus only says hit %, does it gives anything else? In A3 weapons had that +level damage stuff, but it's not there in 2.


and as an aside where can I find energetic herbs/mandrake. I haven't found any spots, but I'm playing on tough and things are starting to get to up there in difficulty in chapter 4.

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My source for energetics are giant shamans, not a spot, but an area with random spawns on giant lands and near fort Dranlon. Mandrake: wizards sometimes drop one, and Erika´s tower has some of it. Those two are the more scarce, no regen spots, and i am near the end of the game.


Now i have plenty of them as enemies drops the energetic-healing potions-elixirs so much needed earlier through potion making.

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from Matt P's walkthrough:


Divinely touched: Gives small bonuses with everything- it acts kind

of like it's a lesser version of all the above abilities. It also

gives the lay on hands, natural curing, and summon shade special

abilities. Not so hot, because of the significant experience penalty.

It's an excellent starting ability, however, especially on harder

difficulty levels.

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Strength and Dexterity do not increase ranged weapon damage on their own. Ranged weapon damage does increase through the bows and thrown weapon skills. Dexterity does of course increase the ranged weapon skills, but it does not add more damage like Strength does for melee skills.


In Avernum 1 Divinely touched added some confusion, elemental, and magic resistance. It may have added resistance to other status effects like poison and disease. I haven't tested it in A2 yet though. Sadly Matt P and the in-game text was incorrect about Divinely Touched, it really doesn't do a little of everything.


Weapon skills in A2 do add an average of 1 damage after your chance to hit reaches 95%, just like in A1. The chance to hit formula in A2 is kind of odd though, and the +x damage bonus on weapons also affect chance to hit. I'm fairly certain A2 doesn't have multipliers so each additional point after 95% hit rate will add +1 damage for every weapon regardless of the type.

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