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A3: Cannot retrieve character : all slots are full :(

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Hello, I have unlocked all my characters in A3, namely, Hsska, Falko, Carol and Miranda.

However, I put my main swordfighter in the storage slot with most of my good items (Pachtar, Ghoulbane, etc)

I cannot get him back, as all my slots are filled.


Can I somehow delete one of the other low level chars that I have?

I'm open to manually editing the savegame too, if this means salvaging my char (and stuff).



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from A3 walkthrough:


To recruit any NPC, you must

have an empty slot in your party, meaning you must delete or otherwise remove

one of your initially created party members. This can be done by either finding

a special room where you can store your party members (one is in Fort Emergence)

or delete them by clicking on Use Ability, then Delete this Character.

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If all else fails and you just want the items from the stored character's inventory, you could use the character editor to give yourself those items. There's an item list in this FAQ, under the "Give An Item" heading. Since you already earned the items it's not really cheating, just getting around a mechanical limitation.

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