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BoE total conversions?


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My scenario Pilgrimage to Thrakos was something similar to this in its early stages. I'd modified most of the CBoE resources, including adding a 60-second intro sound and completely redoing the UI images. I later got rid of all that, though, for simplicity.

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All the image resources are stored as simple bitmaps in the directory ./images, so that's just a matter of dropping the new image over the old (in fact, since the Exile III days I've edited PCS.bmp to have a better character sprite (empire dervish ftw!).


Sounds are a bit more difficult. When I did my edits I used ResEdit to swap out the appropriately-numbered sound in boesounds.dll. However it'd be just as easy to compile your own custom dll.


With regards to the layout of the UI, it's one of those 'crawl the code until you find the right numbers' thing. If you're just changing text, GAMEDLOG.RC is a good place to start.

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assuming, of course, the windows codebase
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