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We have a shortage of expert programmers with plenty of time. Program below is supposed to enable novices to create their own programs.

Has anyone tried this out?






PWCT is not a Wizard for creating your application in 1 2 3 steps.

PWCT is a general-purpose visual programming tool designed for novice and expert programmers.

A novice programmer can use PWCT to learn programming concepts like Data Structure, Control Structure, Programming Paradigm,..etc.

An expert programmer can use PWCT to develop large and/or complex software.

Using PWCT we developed a textual programming language Compiler and Virutal Machine without writing a single line of code where the programming process done using the PWCT visual components. This language called Supernova and it's free-open source (http://supernova.sourceforge.net).

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Interesting Ishad, I would really love to get my editor out of MS specific Visual Basic to an open source platform. The logic should go down easily, it is all the forms and graphics handling that has been problematic.


Where would I start?

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Both this sub-forum and the BOA Editor sub-forum are full of cross-platform projects that never get finished or are making slowww progress...

Choose a project and blaze away. At the least you will get a feel for the Supernova language and see what it has to offer.

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