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Mouse Movement Bug in GoG A3

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Hey guys,


I got the sweet deal from GoG a couple months ago, and have been loving A1 and A2. But A3 has a weird movement bug that makes it basically unplayable for me. I'm on Mac OS 10.6.8, and this is the Windows version that uses Wine so it can work with the latest Mac OSs. Version is what I see under "get info."


The bug is that, when I hold down the mouse to move multiple spaces at a time, it toggles to a mode where I'm always moving and can't stop it unless I run to a place that brings up a dialog box. Does anyone know of this bug, and of a possible solution?

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No, it doesn't appear while using keys, but I'm playing on a laptop and I find it really awkward to switch between keyboard and mouse for diagonals, plus I still have to be super careful with my clicks or the problem is triggered again. Just posted in tech support.

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Sorry to resurrect. I've been playing with the same bug, and it's extremely annoying. It only seems to happen in towns, though, or when I've cleared the area -- perhaps it has something to do with the number of unfriendly monsters around. To stop the movement, bring the mouse to the bottom of the screen (quickly so that you don't waste too many steps), and the command buffer should increment (meaning that whatever key you pressed will actually get pressed). This has only bothered me with attacking creatures once or twice (and I'm almost done with the game right now), and never in combat mode.


I don't think Jeff is actively working on UI fixes for the First Trilogy at this point. You should probably just deal with the issue and enjoy the game!

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