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Geneforge 1: Stuck on feeding Control Four

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I have done things in order. Got the quest from Rydell, then got the nutrients, then fed them to Control four. It did tell me that I lost the nutrients, and I had the dialog where Control four is being fed.


Coming back to Pentil, Rydell does not have any dialog option to end the quest, as shown here: http://i.imgur.com/BHDDmIp.png


I've gone back to Control four's zone and cleared it of all rogues, then went back to Control four to try all the talk options that are not about killing it. Still nothing back in Pentil. The quest is still in my quest journal, and the nutrient isn't in my items anymore, so it should be all good in theory. Didn't do anything to anger the obeyers either.




Help anyone ? I'm trying an obeyer playthrough, and I don't have the leadership to skip that part.



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I am baffled. It sounds like you did what you were supposed to do. Control Four isn't still asking to be fed, it is?


Ooh, ooh! *has idea* Have you checked all the dialogue options with Rydell? IIRC, sometimes (especially these older games) the prompt for a completed quest doesn't show up on initial dialogue screen - instead you must click through options to find it. If you have done this, that's my only suggestion.


I hope that helps!

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Things just got crazy.


I loaded my save from yesterday, and:

- There are suddenly a couple new rogues in the area

- Control four is now dead. I didn't go once through the dialog options that kill him. There was no previous save/installation of Geneforge on this computer.



What the hell.


Guess I just have to invest in leadership now...

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Huh. Funky. Is it possible that save has gotten corrupted? Be on the lookout for other weird changes.


You don't actually need Leadership to join the Obeyers. If you talk to Rydell, you should get the chance to kill the leader of the Takers as an alternative means to prove you are a true shaper. However, if you want the leadership route, I believe you need 8 Leadership to talk your way into joining (assuming you've got a pro-Obeyer reputation).

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Well, right now I'm heavily pro obeyer, with 11 leadership, and I'm being offered no alternative by Rydell.


I guess I must first end the control four quest by telling the takers I killed it. Oh well.


I'm pretty sure the leadership cutoff for entering a faction without doing its quest is 12.

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