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Harehunter's Haven needs a new home

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How convenient, I moonlight as a webhost! :p


$3 a month per site, plus $0.16 per gibibyte of disk space per month if you're interested. I'll also handle DNS for you if you desire (~$15 yearly for a domain registration, or a .calref.net or .cloudsoarer.com subdomain on the house). I impose no silly bandwidth limits or any of that other rubbish rampant in the webhosting industry.


PM me if you're interested.

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$3 a month per sire probably means I'm in the wrong trade :p
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I would highly recommend against Zymic. I dunno how they are for a fully-static site, but their PHP in slow as hell and you __cannot__ do any sort of SQL dump from your databases hosted by them. There's a reason an entire month of Calamity Refuge is missing.

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Unfortunately, all the other free hosts I have been with are all shut down now.
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I just heard from byethost and they inform me that Harehunter's Haven has been ***very*** popular for a ***long*** time. Therefore, this is going to be permanent unless I upgrade to a paid account. They do have a Budget plan for ninety nine cents per month. The only restriction is that it is limited to a single domain name. For $12 a year, I think I can live with that.


I could try Zymic for a while, but considering the usage on Byethost, I suspect that I would soon run crossways with Zymic as well. Besides, their site is down for maintenace waiting on a patch. Who knows when that will come up.

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OK ya'll, I've asked for hints to improve the site and the response has been a deafening silence.

From that I take it that it doesn't matter what it looks like, just get it up there fast.


With that I present you with the following urls:


Home page: www.harehunter.info

Exile III maps: www.harehunter.info/Exile3/Maps/MainMap3.html

Avernum I maps: www.harehunter.info/Avernum1/Maps/mainmap1.html

Avernum II maps: www.harehunter.info/Avernum2/Maps/mainmap2.html

Avernum III maps: www.harehunter.info/Avernum3/Maps2/index.html

Avernum IV maps: www.harehunter.info/Avernum4/Maps/mainmap41.html

Avernum V maps: www.harehunter.info/Avernum5/Maps/mainmap51.html

Avernum VI maps: www.harehunter.info/Avernum6/Maps/mainmap61.html


I still have to finish up the BoE and the BoA pages.


Enjoy y'all, and if you have any problems, IM me or email me at hasen@flash.net.


PS I already know that the links to the maps from the main page don't work, but if you click on the image to get to the sections main page the link works there.

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Harehunter has sent me a PM requesting that I change the links (presumably) in the forum header to these newer, working links. As I'm unable to do that, could a global moderator please do what is necessary to change the links so that they point to the right website.



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