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Does anyone know a scenario that has huge, sprawling, complex dungeons?


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A little ditty by *I entitled, "Spy's Quest" is undoubtedly the most difficult I've encountered.

I'm only a mediocre player and in my old age I've been making Walk-Throughs as a hobby to keep my mind and hands occupied. I had tried it a long time ago and when I ran into a problem, *I answered that it was "buggy" and recommended I try one of his other Scenarios.

Finally, when I did this Scenario I found a couple of "Flaws" that make it impossible to play through, but they are well into the Scenario, so if you're looking for some ideas, or inspiration, I strongly recommend this one.

As I said, I'm not very good at the difficult ones, so I used my most powerful "God Party". *I states in the accompanying text file that it is probably the most difficult Scenario written for BoE and I wholeheartedly agree.

"Spy's Quest" seems to be written strictly for the difficulty, but another of his Scenarios, "At the Gallows" is also long, involved and difficult, but seems to have a better Story-Line.

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Not knowing what you feel is "Huge, Sprawling, Complex Dungeons...

I'm in the middle of a Scenario titled, "Gathering Storm" by Janet Cone. In this one she has only used a few "Outdoor Sections", but has linked numerous "Towns" by "Stairway" Nodes. It was a bit confusing at first, but now that I'm into the Story-Line, I think it's a great concept.

If you're trying to make something "Huge, Sprawling and Complex", how about using that concept to link multiple sections of only a few, dare I say, single, "OMG" Town?

That's all from me; I wish you luck and will keep an eye out for what you create.


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Falling Stars has lots of dungeons. There's a three-level one generally tackled in mid-game, and of course the grueling final dungeon...


Spears has sprawling dungeons galore. Actually the whole thing is huge and sprawling, despite its relatively low difficulty.


At the Gallows I'll second the recommendation for. Lots of dungeons, lots of puzzles, plays like LotR meets James Bond.


And for (IMO) lesser scenarios:


Doom Moon II has lots of huge sprawling dungeons, and amazing nodework, but the plot and dialog are cartoonish.


The Adventurer's Club 1, 2, and 3 have more (and more sprawly) dungeons than any other scenarios, but contain an astonishing amount of filler.


The Music of the Spheres trilogy (by Brett Bixler) has some impressive dungeons if you can stomach the silly plot.

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