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Help for a beginner

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I recently picked this game and Avadon up. I went through the screens, checked it out etc. Currently i'm playing Avadon but i'd like to start of some Nethergate Ressurection also.


I was wondering if you guys could give me some tips in regards stats and traits to take for the four party members.

I'm going Roman.


Is it possible to play without a mage? And if not are there modifications to the core builds of these guys you'd advice?

Should I uberspecialize for each or not? I noticed the premades do seem to be able to handle a variety of weapons.

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Short answer: yes, especially for the Romans, you can play without magic, though it will add to the challenge.


Slightly longer answer: you'll find answers for a lot of your questions in the Strategy Central thread sticky-ed at the top of the forum (probably answers fuller and clearer than any I could give). Initially, focusing on Strength and Roman Training, and to a lesser degree Dex and Armor Use, should work fairly well in terms of your combat skills. Eventually you can branch into other skills too, though. In fact, because the cost of a skill goes up the more you invest in it, eventually it can become more worthwhile to start investing in other skills. And yes, it can be worth tweaking the starting characters, since they can be a little TOO spread out into too many different skills (e.g. take those points outs of Javelins and put them in Roman Training). The threads linked in Strategy Central on party building do a great job of discussing the finer points of character customization.


I hope that helps! Nethergate: Resurrection is a fantastic game!

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I prefer the magic use of the Celtic side. Also, I don't like being a villain to every decent person. The Celtic option may also be an easier choice for someone new to the game.


I actually just bought the game for the Roman side. I have no interest whatsoever in the celts.

Also... 'villain'? Are the Romans portrayed as singularly 'evil'?

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No, the Romans are not the villains, nor are they portrayed as particularly evil. I don't quite understand that comment. It is true that you're playing Roman soldiers in Britain, many characters will be less friendly (or outright hostile) to your guys than if you were playing native Britons. No surprise there. I assume that's what Ishad Nha meant.

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