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Geneforge 5 Character Builds


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For my next editor, I am trying to make an Item Character Build option. So if you have a Shaper and would like items that best go with a shaper, you can get them from one spot instead of having to go through the entire list. If anyone can post suggested character builds, I would be thankful.

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For a Creation Focused Shaper:


Ring: Projection Band or Shaper's boon, with the Forbidden Band situationally useful

Necklace: Talisman of Might, also good to pick up Tribal Fetish, Black Pearl Talisman and/or Volcanic Fetish

Belt: Projection Belt, Belt of Genius, Student's Belt and Girdle of Victory are all useful at different points.

Legs: For most of the game, probably Swamp Pants. Eventually Firesteel or Black Iron Greaves.

Chest: Need the Shaper's Robe, but the Transference Suit and Shaper Trueweave eventually.

Cloak: Symbiotic Cloak

Gloves: Firesteel or Lifecraft Gauntlets (I like Lifecraft, players who actually know what they are talking about prefer Firesteel).

Boots: Samaritan Sandals, Assassin Boots, Captain's Boots (only for swapping to buff)

Weapon: Early on, Captain's Shiv and/or Empathy Blade. Eventually Thirsting Knife or Guardian Claymore.

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YOu might look into the strategy central links at the top of the board. They have several character builds there, though some might be outdated.


I don't think they have item builds really, but you could look through the item lists and it should be fairly evident which items would go best with each build. Shapers like to stack +creation stats and shaping levels, as well as some healing craft and blessing magic/mental magic.

Agents tend to stack pure battle or mental magic and spellcraft as high as possible. Guardians stack strength/dex, endurance, and whichever combat skills apply.

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Apologies for the necropost, but for the gauntlet slot, it depends on what is doing the most damage in your party. If you have lots of very strong creations in your party, You want the firesteel gauntlets to improve your magic that supports those creations. If your creations are medium strength and your PC does most of the damage, Lifecrafter gauntlets will serve you better as they improve your creations more than the firesteel. if you are running a shaping build your creations should take the hits and deal the damage, your PC shouldn't do much as you will get targeted. In general I would prefer the firesteel gauntlets for the mental magic boost, but only agents/sorceress will get the most out of the battle magic. Blessing magic only increases in duration with extra points, so it becomes rather useless to pump after a certain point. TLDR; Big creations = firesteel | Medium creations = lifecrafter

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