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Av. 1 - Entering Skarrgarath

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I've done practically everything else there is to do (I have access to the cave leading to the surface and I'm pretty sure I know how to teleport to assassinate Hawthorne) but for whatever reason I don't know how to enter Skarrgarath. I talked to Micah, who tells me to go to Skarrgarath and then to Erika, who he claimed had knowledge of the place... but they aren't telling me anything I don't know and the entrance is still blocked.


I feel like I'm missing something obvious.

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Once you return to the Castle. Talk to the king about killing Sss-Thsss. He

will reward you and as you leave the king's throne room the unthinkable

happens......DEMONS! They've just attacked Fort Remote. Talk to the king and

he'll tell you to investigate. Once in Fort Remote you'll see the devastation

caused by the demons and closer inspection shows that Grah-Hoth is back and is

striking back from his prison. You'll get three options in the encounter with

Grah-Hoth either way you'll end up fighting a horde of demons, mung demons and

imps. Demons are kind of hard because of their magic ability but the Mung

Demons are twice as hard. Imps can be smacked around easily so don't worry

about them. Mung Demons will use dumfound ray and it will dumfound your magic

users that will cause the temporary loss of there magic points and the loss

their spells. This battle will be long since most of your magic will be

disabled so have a lot of haste potions and etc.


After the battle, head to the Castle and speak to the king. He'll tell of

Grah-Hoth and tell you that he is hidden in a place called Skarragath.

Skarragath is where Grah-Hoth is supposed to be imprisoned for eternity.

Spirits to make sure no one can free Grah-Hoth guards it. You can't just head

to Skarragath right away without completing a few quests and getting an item

called the Blessed Athame.


To start you'll need the go to Grah-Hoth's old stomping grounds, Akhronath.

Akhronath used to be the main fort of Grah-Hoth when he ruled Avernum and some

of his followers are still waiting for some uninvited guests to greet.


Why head to Akhronath? Because it has an Empire Royal Seal that you'll need

later on that is extremely important. To get started you must first head to

the Patrick the mage's tower which is located south of Blosk. He'll tell you

that his wife is sick and the only thing to cure is some graymold salve. This

is how you find it: you'll have to get a boat and go straight north up a river

from Sss-Thsss's castle. Keep going until you see a lone eye beast. The

graymold is right on an island north of it. Once you've located the graymold

salve, head to Patrick's Tower to heal his wife. He will then tell you to

search his journal. It will contain phrase that you'll need later and to go to

the castle to get a gold key. The gold key will help you get into Akhronath.

Head to the castle, grab the gold key, look in the in the southern part of the

castle in a jail cell, and go to Akhronath.


Where is Akhronath? It is in the middle of a lava pit west of the Tower of

Magi. You should use Safe Travel or the Orb of Thranli to avoid being hurt by

the lava. Inside Akhronath there will be lots of undead, spirits, imps, and

especially demons. Repel Spirit spell at level 3(Note: it must be at level 3 to

effect demons) and the DEMONSLAYER (if you have it) will come in handy.

Remember the thing your after is the Royal Seal so don't leave Akhronath until

you get it. You will also find an Obsidian Spear (2-20+4 damage nothing

special). When you get to the top you'll notice you a room that you can't get

into. There is a wheel that requires the gold key to turn use Far Sight and you

should be able to see the secret room with the wheel in it. It is located on

the northern side of the Akhronath. Once you have done that a room will open up

and the Royal Seal is in there. Once you decide to take the Royal Seal then a

lot of Mung demons will attack you. Cast haste's and blesses immediately

because the Mung demons will dumbfound and slow your characters along with

summoning a lot of weak creatures to slow their impending death.


Now that you've gotten the Royal Seal, it's time to go to the Tower of Magi. If

you haven't noticed most of the people there are freaked out about a demon they

summoned and are holding captive. It's n-not any ordinary demon it's...it's a

HAAKAI LORD!! It's named Adze-Haakai. He is in a secret laboratory within the

Tower of Magi. You'll also find THE BLESSED ATHAME hidden there as well. You'll

need the Blessed Athame later on to free the mighty Grah-Hoth. If you're

anxious to beat the Haakai Lord, then you'll have to find a wizard named

Solberg. First find a wizard apprentice at the southern part of the tower and

he will tell you how to find Solberg. He is located around the lava pits around

Formello. Solberg will give you a crystal key in order to get to the Haakai

Lord in the Tower of Magi. Solberg will also mention an onyx scepter that you

can also find in the Tower of Magi. Grab the key then leave but don't forget to

search the area and his tower for some goodies. Head back to the Tower of

Magi's secret lab and search for a secret passage, after a long find with minor

demons, you'll reach the ADZE-HAAKAI!! He's not that hard just circle him and

gang up on him and leave on person with spell points to heal and etc. In the

box near Adze you'll find the Black Scepter that will be useful later.


| Unleash The Beast |


Now it's time. Time to free Grah-Hoth himself. Grah-Hoth is imprisoned in

Skarragath. It is located at southwest of the capital of the Abyss. Make sure

you have the Blessed Athame before you even think of coming here. Once you

enter you'll notice that the guards are all spirits and one lich. You can talk

to the lich if you want but their more important things to do. You need to find

the wheels to open the gates that lead to Grah-Hoth's true prison. One of them

is toward the north and the other is to the south. You'll need to pull both of

them in order to get to Grah-Hoth. When you open the gates all the spirits and

the lich will attack you only to prevent you from freeing Grah-Hoth. Aim for

the lich because it can summon more spirits to make the battle harder. In the

prison of Grah-Hoth, you'll fight guardians (invisible warriors who are very

hard to kill) encounter golems (also very hard to kill), black shades (these

are invisible spell casters that take forever to kill). This is only if you

don't turn off the defenses by entering a hidden room located southwest. The

bottle Grah-Hoth is kept is in the northern part of the tower. Walk up to

pedestal and free Grah-Hoth. You will take some damage and it will attempt to

poison you and, after talking with Grah-Hoth, you'll gain 50 exp points.


AHHHHHHHH! Is what you'll say when you return to Skarragath (Well maybe).

Demons, Imps and a Haakai will be will be left behind by Grah-Hoth after

destroying Skarragath. Haakai's have the highest level in priest and mage

spells so watch out. Their is an imp their as well who will tell you where

Grah-Hoth's fort is.


| Grah-Hoth's Fortress |


If you don't have the Orb of Thranli, stop, and go get it, (Note: Walkthrough

for it in the artifacts section) without it you can't get into Grah-Hoth's

tower. When you manage to get to Grah-Hoth's territory, you'll fight demons

that are guarding the entrance to his territory. Skeletal Warriors are the new

enemies introduced here. They are a lot stronger than the normal skeletons.

Once you find the tin key you'll get further into Grah-Hoth's fortress. You'll

see imps around that are somewhat friendly, tell them that you plan on killing

Grah-Hoth, and they will tell you to talk to another imp called Tyoarick. He

will tell you of a secret passage they didn't seal up to the east of a

storeroom in the east wall. While traveling the secret passage you'll have to

jump some of the way down and encounter some undead baddies. At the end of the

passage you'll need a hammer to break the wall but if you don't have one you

can find a hammer in the storeroom to the north. Once you get past the wall,

you'll enter the demonic chambers and be prepared for ALOT of demons and mung

demons wait. On the plus side, you'll find a Mind Crystal. If you want to avoid

the headache of fighting a lot of demons, then head straight and you should see

an opening. Head north and Grah-Hoth's throne room waits (Note: Be sure to cast

beast ceremony if you have it). You'll find Grah-Hoth, a Haakai, and a lot of

demons and skeletons. Aim for Grah-Hoth and your troubles with all of

Grah-Hoth's friends will vanish. Grah-Hoth looks like Adze-Haakai and he shoots

fire at your characters plus he does a lot of damage. Watch out for Mung Demons

and the Haakai but you should really pay all your attention on Grah-Hoth. Once

you've killed Grah-Hoth, pat yourself on the back, and then head east to

Grah-Hoth's treasure room. DON'T TOUCH THE BOXES!! They will kill you as soon

as you open them. You'll some rare items lying around though, including a steel

halberd. Once you've looted it leave and you've just completed the first

mission. Don't forget to get your reward from the king.



by AverMan

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That was informative but I still have no idea how to get into Skarragath :(


I did everything you said before getting the information to go to Skarragath and I still get the message,


"There is a massive, basalt fortress blocking the corridor. It has no visible gates. It's just a massive sheet of rock, blocking your progress.

Massive words, the letters five feet high, have been carved into the rock: "The Former Realm of Grah-Hoth, sealed by order of King Micah. None may proceed."


I have the Blessed Athame, I have the Royal Seal, I've killed Haazai-Adze... I've talked to both Erika and King Micah repeatedly...


I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

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