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Av. 1 - Dumbfounded

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I've encountered what are likely the most dreaded enemies in Avernum 1, Mung Demons and Gazers.


Is there ANY good way to deal with these guys? Any encounter I've had with them was long and drawn out and afterwards I had to make an effort to get somewhere to rest... and then the dumbfounding didn't even wear off right away!


Forget simply being dumbfounded and unable to cast spells, I don't have any mana after being dumbfounded anyway!

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Restoration Brews clear dumbfound. You should have a ton of these from cycling the witch for skill potions.


Also, buy some mage levels (from the Hidden Tower) for your fighters, so they will get targeted instead of Mages.


Mung demons die pretty fast - 5-6 repel spirit from a priest, or a few rounds of attacks from a decent fighter. Gazers have no hp, just wait-move in and they shouldn't even get a shot off.

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Unshackle mind helps too. It wears off DF effect. In gremlin's gold and gremlin cave it is a must otherwise your warrior would kill the rest of party (with alien blade, gloves of strenght and boots of speed warrior can deal 200+ dmg in single turn what is enough to slay any caster in my team because of poison effect).


Edit: i probably messed two effects right? DF isn't one cast by gremlins, it is the one that disables castiing abilitirs and can be obtained from erika books. Sorry for mess.

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