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Av.1 - Game Temporarily Freezes, Skips Actions

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I wasn't sure how to title this, but my issue is that in two situations (during the opening image and during battles with large numbers of enemies) the game stops doing anything and my cursor changes into the loading image.


The game doesn't stay frozen (and in the case of the battles with large numbers of enemies it may even progress technically faster) but it's distracting and occasionally inconvenient.


What seems to happen is that in the opening image, right before the main menu, the music plays for a second or two and then stops and my cursor changes to the loading image. After a second or three it changes to the main menu. It didn't do this in the past.


During battles if there are a large number of enemies (I haven't gotten an exact count of how many it takes) I see the first few actions of the enemies and then the game stops moving and my cursor changes to the loading image... and a few seconds later it's my turn and a large number of actions took place that I didn't witness. This makes it difficult to track enemy actions. : /


Is this a known bug? Is there a known or suggested fix?

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