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Av. 1 - Rude Guards in Spire

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So I entered the town of Spire, one of the two abyss towns, and I grabbed a bunch of quests and left. I later came around through the Giants' land through Bargha and encountered some patrolling Spire guards trying to extort money from me. I said no, of course; I've slayed a dragon and dozens of demons, no minor guards are going to extort money from me, regardless of the amount.


So I then returned to Spire, to advance in the Arena (I had no Crystal gear the last time) and turn in some quests... only to find that apparently if you refuse to be extorted from the first time they attempt to extort you once more... and apparently I CANNOT enter Spire without paying them (which my pride refuses to allow) because the back doors I discovered are super-duper locked and bashing, lockpicking and the unlocking spell (level 2, haven't found 3) aren't good enough to get through.


So I decide that if these guards are just going to run around being useless and extorting me I may as well cut my way into town. They turned out to be far more powerful than they logically should (a slight complaint I had of some enemies in Avadon as well) but I still annihilated them without taking much damage. I then find out if you decide to kill ANYONE in a town it makes EVERYONE hostile...


TL;DR: How can I get into Spire proper without paying anyone who's trying to extort me?

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Until you get the information about how to steal the Silver Circlet you are stuck with paying the extortionists. I learned the hard way to avoid them in later playthroughs.


Is that Meena's item? If that's what you're referring to I stole that a while ago, I thought I had to turn it into someone in the town but I can't because the guards won't let me in... Did I miss what I was supposed to do with it?

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No, Neena's item, the Silver Circlet, is for elsewhere. Going through the Arena is more for fun and a challenge.


I don't understand what you mean... what does the Arena have to do with getting into town without paying?


On a side-note, I coincidentally found out there's ANOTHER side path into town :D in which the guards try to extort me as I LEAVE town (but I just left the way I entered). Thanks for responding.

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You need to go through the Arena 3 times to get Meena's Circlet without killing her. Then you can use the secret entrance in the northeast part of Spire.


... Wut?


I beat the first Arena challenge, got the Gremlin to tell me of the secret entrance, beat the Arena's second fight and then realized I needed some kind of protection from Basilisks. I did not beat the third Arena fight until after I stole the circlet.


Though maybe it's because i ran around in the arena a lot because of the weird setup that tries to get you to leave the building and reenter from the opposite side.

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