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G5: Character Editor ? :(

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If you knew it was wrong then why did you type it ? :confused:

Oh, It happens a lot with me too, the spell checker tells me the that the spelling I have used is wrong, and I don't know the correct spelling either(and additionally I'm feeling too lazy to look up for the right spelling, generally because the meaning is clear), then I just don't bother and go ahead with the wrong spelling.

(although I've never been polite enough to say sorry for that, generally I just hope that people won't notice it. :p )

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I have been seeing 80+ topic of the geneforge series and I only find expired Editors and scripting thingies but what I want to get is the script in a notepad already and a place where I can download it. I'm going to say it again I want a character Editor where I can max all stats ,skills and gold(maybe only stats).


I hope I made myself more clear. :)

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