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Alright kids, get me enthused about designing again


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Subterra Outpost. One only needs to say the name to invoke images of opalescent blue waters in the minds of listeners. A cave system wholly new, discovered while scrying for ore by an independent mage. Teeming with life never before seen by the eyes of man, nephil, or slith.


A rare act of détente, when Exile and Ermarian, the two great nations at war for ages, agreed to co-fund a research outpost at the surface of the glowing waters. A great moment for both nations, for the waters not only brought knowledge but gold, in the form of adventurers looking for treasure, and rich tourists wanting to see the splendor for themselves. Gold flowed like ale to both nations, scientists claimed they were on the brink of discovering something new, something big.


Everything was great. That is, until the murders started.


I have been working on this scenario since approximately 2010. Back then it was a simple utility scenario. It's evolved into a lot more in my head.


Only, one thing. I have, like, zero motivation to design this. It appears to be that the number of scenarios released since 2010 can be counted on one hand, which is...yeah. Most of my interest has been centered around development, and since I can't program well enough to help out, that leaves me rather useless in the whole thing.


I dunno.


Here have a screenshot:


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Okay. As somebody who has hyped many scenarios, let me explain that you're doing it wrong. If you admit that you have "zero motivation" then you shouldn't be designing. If, on the other hand, you have a bunch of good ideas, a bunch of free hours, and you're using the BoE editor, which is far easier to design with (even if it is substandard ;)), then there's no reason why you can't crap this out in a fairly short space of time.


I mean, your idea seems pretty good. Have you got a plot outline planned? Do you know where the party should be going, at all times, in order to progress your story from beginning to end? Do you know which towns you're going to need? If it's a simple "explore new caves, ???, profit!" deal of a scenario, then you can write some pretty area descriptions, paint a few towns, and do it in a day. I did.


If there's more to it than that, great. You have the bare bones (which again, will take one day), and now you can flesh it out with some great dialogue.


The biggest mistake you can make right now is hyping something you're not going to finish - there's nothing worse than saying you're going to finish something, or even showing it to people, and then not do anything with it. Don't let yourself feel crummy. Finish the damned scenario. :)

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Kids? At this age? ;^}


Pretty much the same as above, but...

If you have ideas about different sections of a Story-Line, have you actually made, or documented,the parts?

Perhaps if you tell yourself that you don't want to lose this concept, or that you are only documenting the different sections with the idea of connecting them all together at a later date, that would at least give them "substance".

It sounds to me like you are suffering from "writer's block" which can occur to anyone about any subject

You might well find that once you see this collection of "parts" it will entice you to assemble them. Whether or not you continue to fill in the empty spaces, for now, is not important. What seems to me to be important is that you actually document the ideas rather than lose them.

I'll never be an author, but there are things in my life, just as there are in everyone's life that I procrastinate about. Eventually, I'll get into the job and it invariably ends up as something simple and, usually, enjoyable. Let it sit for a few days and then look at it from a different angle and when you're ready, "git 'er done". After all, you started it because you enjoy this stuff. ;^}


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