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G5: Overthrow topics moved here

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Thank you Dikiyoba. Its good to know we have everything in one place now. I assume you'll be doing the same thing when Avadon 2 and the new Avernum 2 rewrite come out :/ .


But actually there are a lot of links broken from the time we did the major switch from "ubb" to "ipb". Such as when someone referred a thread before the switch now, when you click on a link it turns out to be a 404 error :confused: . Do you think that'll ever get fixed?


Sorry if it's irrelevant but i wanted to know a long time ago just couldn't find the time to ask.

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The broken links that usually get fixed are in Strategy Central, however some of the Geneforge 3 ones got broken in the move to UBBThreads in the original UBB version too and may never get fixed.


Others may get fixed whenever a mod sees the original thread that was referred to in a post. Mostly we are spending the time fixing spoilers that got ruined in the change to ipb.

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