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Editor Question 3


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Assuming that functions such as 'look', 'take', etc. are pure programming and cannot be modified by a Player using the Editor, and that the same applies to the Scenario Terrains Icons, I'd like to ask how an Author might make their own icon fluctuate.

Specifically, the standard icons in the Scenario Terrains include a campfire and deep water icons that 'move' by rotating through four icons.

I've seen Scenarios that utilize custom icons such as the 'Fireplace", and don't think I've found a Node that would do the trick

Is it possible that Authors with programming capabilities have written in this item, or is there something I simply haven't noticed, (again).



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Animated graphics are pretty simple, actually. For example, for terrain, a non-animated terrain graphic in the first "slot" of the file can be used by setting custom terrain number 1000 in the terrain definitions. An animated terrain is actually four terrains taking the first four "slots", and a terrain using custom terrain number 2000 in the terrain definition will cycle through those four slots. An animated terrain looks like this:




There are more details on how scenario graphics work here. One notable thing is that the icons in the scenario selection menu cannot currently be given custom animations, as (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong) the game would have to load the graphics sheet for every custom scenario in order to use them.

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