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Avernum 6 Help!


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I am playing Avernum 6 on the ipad and I've "lost solberg" and have gone over the whole of the occupied lands, n/s/e/w of formello/duvno etc. I started walking with Solberg after the quest then on the ipad I got off his path then i couldn't find him AT ALL. I can't get andros to speak to me he's so mad i went with solberg. Seriously frustrating.....


help! thank you!


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No, failing this quest should not cause the game to end.


Are there signs of dead sliths in the area? Is that big ol' gate still intact? Just trying to figure out if Solberg went and did anything on his own, without you, or not.


This sounds like it might be a bug, in which case you may want to send Jeff an email explaining exactly what happened.


If the game is truly messed up, I don't that there's anything you can do except start over. I don't suppose you have any earlier saved games you could go back to?

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Well, it sounds like Solberg made it partly on his own, and then either died or disappeared, and the game doesn't know how to resolve it. On Mac and Windows computers, it's possible (though I don't quite know how myself) to enters coding to make the flag certain quests as complete, but IIRC that is not possible on the iPad version due to the different system. Ultimately a restart may be your only choice. I'd recommend re-scouring the area for any sign of Solberg, just to make sure, and revisiting all the other relevant people, just to make sure, and checking your quest log to see if it says anything helpful, just to make sure. :) Then go ahead and email Jeff, and explain systematically what happened.

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