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Avernum 3 - Control Foes/Divine Fire levels 1/2

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Where can I buy these? I've found the spellbooks for the Level 3 versions of both but haven't bought the earlier versions. I've been to Sharimik, Lorelei, Tower of Magi, Shayder, and Mernia in search of these but no luck. Are they only available in Gale or something? Seems weird that the low-level versions can only be found so late in the game when their level 3 locations are much earlier on...seems counterintuitive to backtrack so much to get a more powerful version of a spell.

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Paolo in Pergies only has low-level priest spells (up to Summon Shade). Zacharias in Gale is the only seller of these spells I know about.


The fourth stone circle teaches Divine Fire at level 3 to all characters who have 10 or more in Priest Spells, even if they don't know the spell at level 1. If they have less than 10 in Priest Spells, they still get Divine Fire at level 2.

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