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4 Questions About Items & Companions

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This is a great game with a great feel.

I like the music. Never heard anything like it before.

And now for some questions.


Other than dialogue and combat, is there any reason to choose one companion over another?


What can I do with all the stuff I find (rope, wine, skulls, broken swords, etc)?


Can I sell items that don't have a value?


If I leave items in a chest, barrel, or dresser, how long will they remain there?

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1. You've just covered pretty much the entire game, but there's one other little thing: Shima and Nathalie can learn how to open locks while spending fewer lockpicks, but so can your main character if he/she is a shadowwalker or sorceress.


2. Most of it isn't useful at all. There's no reason to pick all the junk up.


3. No. It's there just as decoration and for realism.


4. Forever. You can also leave items in a pile on the ground. In many Spiderweb games there's a limit and if you have too many items in one town they can start to disappear, but i left a massive stack of random stuff in the middle of Avadon and didn't lose any.


—Alorael, who will note that there are a handful of usually low- or no-value items that are wanted for a quest in most Spiderweb games. I can't recall which, if any, are needed in Avadon. There may not be any junk item worth collecting; in any case you're not likely to run out of chances to find the right junk by the time you reach the quest.

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