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A:EftP - Slith assassin - nyryssa

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The name doesn't exactly give it away. :)


Speaking of which, has it ever been established why so many Sliths have names starting with Sss? Does it signify something?


You're thinking about it the wrong way. These our their names converted to the roman alphabet based on sound. Since they're lizards easily capable of making the sound, it stands to reason that "Sss" is probably one of their letters or characters in their alphabet, so its frequency is far from unusual.


And actually looking at the name, it does seem feminine. It's almost like "Marissa" with an N.

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I killed the assassin but the mayor doesn't recognize it and the quest is still in the journal.  I went back to the slith temple to verify and the assassin is certainly not there.   What now?


Apologies - I did one more lap and there she was in a corner.  Could have sworn I had killed her ages ago.

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