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Completed 3rd Game for Guardian

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I think this game was tough in the beginning, but got much easier once you get to the middle of the 2nd island. The only thing that hurt was essence, but Greta could help with that as the hirelings really made the game different. The story was solid just like the first 2 games, I now have 2 games left to complete in this great series.

I am going to start Geneforge 4 as soon as I can. I do have one question for anyone that knows the 4th game. I am definitely playing as a guardian again. Its way too much fun. Since the previous game, I had greta on my side along with a drayk that I shaped later on. Between a party of 3, some fights were hard, but not for the most part. Is Geneforge 4 the same as it goes for the previous game. I am torn between getting 2 or 3 creations if anyone that knows what might work for a Guardian.

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I think that clearing the "checkpoint" zone where you need the papers and the first major quest and then getting greenfang (and never going to the checkpoint zone with him/it) makes it/him stay with you forever.


So the best you can do is just clear the quests and rush for the checkpoint without killing much, then go back and grind with greenfang after making sure it/he always stays with you.


Perhaps a single free artila isn't worth all this though.

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