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I've been playing the geneforge series off and on when I've had time. I have really enjoyed them, they have great story lines and I enjoy being able to choose what I wish to accomplish in the game.


As much as I enjoy them though, I wonder if there will be remakes of them. I certainly hope so, but if there aren't, they are still good games.


If the games are remade would you play them over the old or would you play both?


I only ask because I love the geneforge series and I feel it has so much more potential.

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Ho. I haven't posted for about 3 weeks. School to blame and not much forum post here that I can relate myself into, e.g. fluffly turtles -____-


From all of the series, Geneforge has the most beautiful stories. Most would disagree with this idea, they mostly think that Avernum is better. I think even Jeff does, which makes me sad. I haven't played all of the Geneforge 1-5 games, I've just played the demo of Geneforge 1,2, and 3. But, it was still beautiful...


-\Viii dlii

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