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Going Rogue[G5]

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Um, yeah, I guess so.


I don't really know why this option is available at all; it's probably just a technical thing. Casting the Dominate or Charm spell just toggles the friendly/hostile status of whatever character you cast it on irrespective of whether it's your creation or an enemy.


The beta-testers may have a better idea of what it's all about.

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In G1 and G2, all you have to do is attack your creations and the one you attack goes rogue. I have done this many times, mainly becuase its a great way to get experience late in the game, and well, its just fun beating up your own creations Lol.


I don't know abbout the other Geneforges, but this was a pretty cool feature.


Oh btw, if you do make your creations go rogue, do not do it in a friendly town or else the town goes rogue to.

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The hardest creation to make go rogue is the Eyebeast... that thing will eat up your essence like crazy, and the only way to make it go rogue i think is lowering its hp to about 30% and casting dominate on it a few times(NOTE: DO NOT MAKE MORE THAN 1 ROGUE, If you do, dig yourself a grave :) ) I know that in G1, all you have to do is attack your own creation once(Or have them attack you and it ends the game automatically xD) , In G2 it is easier to get it to low HP, then cast charm or dominate on the creation... In the G3, i never really tried to make my creations go hostile, in G4 I did it with a couple Ur-Drakons and Eyebeasts, in G5, never done it...

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