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G2-Is parry needed for a missile weapons build?

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Ive decided to give gene forge 2 a go with a missile weapons guardian build. I know melee but have never really used missile weapons and was wondering if I should have some parry maybe to about 9 or 10 as parry was powerful in geneforge 2. Will I be able to use a guardian in that way if I focus more on dexterity, a little endurance and missile weapons? I just don't want to have to get parry to 15 or 20 to achieve a relatively normal miss rate.

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9-10 might be just a tad short, I would be looking at 13-14 ,maybe 15, pump up your missile damage early so that you don't run out of weapons/can use basic weapons for a long time, If you don't want to go above 10 maybe you could try having a creation or two to take up some of the damage.


Oh, thats what I intend to do. I wasn't going to take the hard route and make a guardian that goes solo with missile weapons. No, I intend to use 1 or 2 creations for backup so I don't get swarmed.

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Parry at 10 gives 50% parry of melee attacks. Parry about 16 gives an added chance of riposte at 50%, but you don't get any added benefit at higher levels even in the mid 20s. I ran a missile guardian with no canisters through Geneforge 2 on torment and it is possible. There really isn't much else to put points to and you want 30 levels of missile weapons.


A little strength for heavier armor helps.


One problem at the end is running out of missiles so stock up venom thorns in Rising.

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Every level of parry gives 5% to parry, to a max of 50%. Can parry melee and most ranged attacks, with a notable exception of the spell Kill.

Every level of parry above 4 gives a 5% chance to deflect, which will reduce damage taken to about 1/4. Can deflect melee and ranged. Also capped at 50%, when parry is at level 14

Every level of parry above 8 also gives 5% chance to reposte, works only with melee attacks. Capped at 50%, when parry is at level 18


So at 14 you can have 50% parry, 50% deflect, 30 reposte. Any more points will only boost reposte, which only work for melee, and by that time, the skill parry is too expensive to boost.

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