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Oh Noes! (and Other Disasterous Puzzle Debacles)

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I've recently realized... after a stint of myself being puzzled... that I've failed miserably at one of Avernum 2's most useful puzzles. This of course is the Chitrach Shrine puzzle, where your party must bring three chitrach larve husks from the tower in the south to the shrine in the north. For some reason, perhaps I was tired, I did not realize that multiple trips were in order... so in my latest play-through, I totally trashed that shrine.


...Granted, it was in all likelihood not a good shrine, but free Blademaster is one thing to make anyone a bit less picky. Add in that I've been living dangerously with only one save, there's no recovery point, either. Buth those 50 experience points...


But I suppose that happens. It is kind of humorous, but if there is a re-set option for that scenario in the editor, I'd be tempted to run it. Otherwise, I may just need to use the editor to... pretend the scenario was executed properly. :p To that effect, loading up your last save before a character dies is kind of cheating, too.


Q&A&Commentary aside, feel free to add in any additional debacles where they have occured. It's all fun until you quit out of rage, after all.

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Welcome to the boards, Thaeris! Please leave your sanity at the door - you won't be needing it anymore.


My worst disasters consist of loading up an old save to check something, and then saving over my current game. The first time I played A2, I also destroyed that shrine, but I had no idea what I had missed until much later.

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i'm not sure. My favorite moment of "oh no," and I know it's one that's shared widely, isn't something that can be predicted (on the first playthrough), isn't something that makes a huge difference in the game, and can be overcome fairly trivially. But I still manage to lose horses just about every time I play A3 and ride them into the Filth Factory.


—Alorael, who has had the related problem of losing boats. Not in the sense that he can no longer use it, but in the sense of there being a large coastline and a boat left on it... somewhere. He appreciates the fact that E1/A1 gives you the chance to buy extra boats in most of the shipyards. (Boatyards?) Sometimes it's worth the expense not to have to go searching.

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That's the problem with an all-caster party. As much as it makes them awesome, it also limits their max levels in base skills due to needing... all the base skills! Even then, your characters tend to be biased towards certain skills regardless. Priests end up being pretty good fighters in most cases; combine that with elite warrior and you've got a really scrappy trooper. And I'd really love to give my priestess something a bit better than that steel greatsword... but meh, I'll yank it out of there sooner or later.


(Just don't keep trying to do that, or you'll be waiting a long time indeed to level up again. :p )

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