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Mean time for scenario creation

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Just wondering - for those of you who have created complete BoE scenarios of any length, about how many hours did it take? For how big a scenario?


(Because I've on-and-off tried to start on a simple scenario in my spare time, and found the time consumption factor offputtingly huge. How did you people manage it in the Olden Days?)

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The first scenario I finished took 48 seconds from conception to completion, I believe. Unfortunately it got libelously labeled as a "utility" scenario.


The other two I finished are also extremely short. Between planning, stringing together nodes, drawing maps, writing text, etc., they each took a couple days of solid work, IIRC, but I usually don't RC, unfortunately. :(

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For both my scenarios, they took about a month on and off. One was terrible, one was less terrible.


I have scenarios I have been doing on and off (mostly off) since 2010, though. It really helps if you plan everything first on paper, then implement it.

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