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Running into a real live Spiderwebber!

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*stabs Randomizer with a mechanical pencil*   ... Someone had to do it, and I haven't seen Nico in a long time.

This may turn out to be the killer app for the internet: letting people practice at changing their own identities. It's rather easy to practice being a different person when you're anonymous, and you

I introduced my girlfriend to CR and by extension SW. . . does that count? :p

Not until she becomes an active poster on SW. Slow and steady is probably the best way, although short, spammy, and memorable also works.



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The problem with running into someone who's played/into these games is that where I live, its almost impossible. Almost all of my close friends haven't heard of any of these games. Heck, only 1 person I know has heard of baldurs gate, ice wind dale, planescape. I think its the fact that most people from NJ where I live just play Black ops, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Halo series and other games. The best line I got from someone was this-"I didn't know there was a fallout 1 and 2, are they on regular xbox or 360?" Completely insane.


Now I know why Jeff left NJ. Cant say I blame him.

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do you promise not to murder everyone and then go on a hike


There are several aspects to this that confuse me.


1. Out of all the Refugi and Spiderwebbers, how did I get tagged as the most potentially homicidal?


2. Are murders really as simple to prevent as not inviting the psychopath to the party?


3. Surely your knife collecting boyfriend is more than a match for me.


4. Where is there to hike in Denver?


5. Why would I go someplace on foot when I'd have the pick of everyone's cars, including the lovely four weel drive I sold you (and certainly didn't tamper with)?

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Oldbie Midbie and Newbie depend on Age of being here is what I thought...

I've always thought of those in terms of a combination of age and experience. I think of a "newbie" as someone lacking both, and an "oldbie" as someone having a great deal of both. And everyone else is somewhere in the middle. But those terms may have different connotations here ...

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Never. I'll be here long after Most of you are dead and withered away.

Most people who qualify as oldbies or straddle the oldbie/midbie divide are dead and withered away, but their spirits continue to post anyway.


Besides, Dikiyoba thinks newbies have more fun anyway. All that energy and vigor, so you can dodge the oldbie canes and heal quickly after flamewars, plus a short attention span that everything fresh and exciting. That's why Dikiyoba kills two newbies every week and collects their blood in order to stay alive and unwithered (it doesn't work, but murder is always fun).

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I thought the same, but you weren't on top of it. I don't LIKE having to step in and pick up your slack.


Edit: This is in relation to his first assertion, not the second one. I rarely get called cute, even when I wear fairy wings.

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If you're going to summon old members, you might as well go all the way:






Aww, thanks! I was wondering why I wandered back onto the Spiderweb boards.


So while I'm here, hello to *i, Alorael, Thuryl, Shard, Dikiyoba, Tyran, saunders, ADoS, Aran, Zeviz, all the oldbies hiding behind pseudonyms I didn't recognize, and all the newbies (who I guess are mostly pretty old by this point)!


To stay on topic, no, I have never run into a Spiderwebber in the real world, apart from those I knew before I knew about Spiderweb Software.

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